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The art work here emphasizes impermanence of the present, the instability of life and temporality. By imbedding time, I create the Archaeology of time, the past and the present with no future. As Boris Groys mentions in his essay “Comrades of Time”: Contemporary art deserves its name if it manifests its own contemporaneity and not simply because it was made or displayed.

This work is influenced by a photo of a Kurdish woman who was killed during conflicts and her body was dumped in a slaughter house over blocks of ice. To show the disrespect and her exposure even after her death, I have tied a knot in a woman’s nightgown and hidden it inside a cloudy ice block. The knot is a customary act in Iran when visiting holy shrines by tying a rag to the shrine whilst saying a pray (the knot is the dead end, an impasse). The melting ice is to show how life has been drained out of her body also her fragility and helplessness. The water which normally represents life, here is symbolising death.