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Shadows of the wall

This work has been influenced by Capital Punishment in Iran, which is amongst the largest sentencing numbers in the world. Public executions can happen in multiple numbers and in places such as town squares where often cranes mounted on trucks serve as makeshift gallows, or the top of buses are used whilst hung from bridges. The capital punishment is not limited to what is considered crime in most parts of the world but includes homosexuality, political dissidence, blasphemy and adultery for example. Juveniles are not exempt from this form of punishment.

 Shadows on the wall, I just saw someone die

Shadows on the wall will soon be gone

Shadows on the wall will last like butterflies,

Shadows on the wall have stories to tell,

Shadows on the wall cannot fight the sun

Shadows on the wall are creeping away,

Shadows on the wall will survive by the light,

To tell a story:

Of their untold tale


 their broken dreams,

 Of their forgotten names,

 Of their unspoken words,


  unnamed graves,

The shadows on the wall whisper in my ear

I want to live, I want to live, I want to live…….