Artist Statement

The battle and tension between our beliefs and secret doubts has formed the main concept of my practice. By interweaving my personal history of culture, religion and politics I portray fragility and threat in order to create a feeling of fear and a sense of foreboding in the viewer.
I look beyond boundaries created by cultural, religious and political suppression. By referring to symbols or customs related to my culture and religion and by exploring the connection between organic and non-organic matter such as human hair, fabric, metal, feather, ice, sound or readymade objects, I create my own language of temporality or a presence of an action in my Installation or Performance Art.

Artists such as Doris Salcedo and Parvize Tanavoli have inspired me by the way they use material charged with significance and full of meaning to address political issues in an indirect way. By putting familiar everyday objects in an unfamiliar way, Salcedo creates her unique language of Time and Remembrance and the presence of the absents.
Tanavoli’s Bronze sculptures on the other hand are a direct approach of using words or symbols in a philosophical way.

By questioning our beliefs I want to show how ingrained these political and cultural beliefs are, even to a sceptic and how we may become blind followers of certain ideologies and behaviours which could result in injustice.